A Personal Touch

Our Pastor

Pastor Christie has the confirmed reputation of being a loving father, a caring husband, a humble, hardworking man of a great God, a patient and forward-thinking leader, a songwriter, and a published author, who loves the people of God and who serves the Lord Jesus Christ with gladness.

He undoubtedly enjoys true and expressive worship, and displays a contagious passion for worship that is heartfelt and inspiring. He is a strong advocate for the solid preaching and teaching of the Word of God (the Bible).  Among his simple pleasures, Pastor Christie enjoys playing the drums, reading a short book, eating succulent meals, taking road trips with his family and appreciates a good joke and healthy laughter.

Pastor Carlton Christie has been chosen by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. His commitment to the work of the ministry and to the delivery of the Word of God have spanned many years and driven him to many places and arenas in Canada, England, Jamaica and the United States of America.

He is a Spirit-filled, apostolic preacher and a gifted Bible teacher who the Holy Ghost has been uniquely anointed with the mind, the approach and the ability to present the gospel in such an enlightening and elementary manner that even a child would have no difficulty at all understanding it.

Pastor Christie faithfully served the body Christ as a District Elder for several years.  He would travel great distances on a regular basis to support the pastors and churches to which he was assigned: attending their special services, honoring preaching assignments, training leaders, performing weddings, and sometimes just checking in. 

During the 2021 fall session of the Canada District Council, the 55 Episcopal District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc., District Elder Christie was consecrated to the sacred apostolic office of a Suffragan Bishop and was also elected to serve as Vice Chairman of the Council. 

Suffragan Bishop Christie has since been appointed to be the 

  • Chairman of the Judicial and Credential Committee - responsible for screening all applications for licensing and fellowship into the Canada District Council.

  • Suffragan Bishop oversees District 4 of the Canada District Council -  responsible for the expansion of the district, connecting the pastors, providing training and increasing the fellowship of the saints in the local churches.

He remains a tenured member of the Executive Board of the Canada District Council and continues to serve as the Auxiliary Director for the Council's Music Ministry.

Suffragan Bishop Christie sits on the Board of Directors and is currently one of the lecturers at the Cornerstone Academy of Biblical Studies, - a leading Bible College headquartered in Ottawa, Canada's capital city.  

Suffragan Bishop Christie resides in Ontario, Canada with his family and is the Founder, Senior Pastor and CEO of Chosen Generation Ministries Inc. - a dynamic prayer and Bible based ministry set to make a major impact in Canada and the world.

We love and pray for our pastor and his family, and being a good shepherd, he also loves us, and regularly and consistently feeds us with the undiluted Word of God.

Christian Weddings

Weddings are booked on the church calendar after marriage candidates (members and non-members) receive approval from our pastor and submit an application contract and fee. To learn more about having a wedding at Chosen Generation Ministries, please contact us.

Lifetime Partners

We believe "...every marriage can be better..."

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Baby Dedication

Baby dedications are performed on the third Sunday of the month.

Download and fill out the Baby Dedication Application Form attached to this page and contact us to confirm arrangements and the availability of your preferred date.


We visit the sick and shut-in at home, in the hospitals, hospices, nursing and retirement homes.

Bereavement Services

Chosen Generation Ministries responds to a death in the family of any its members with acts of love, care, and concern. Be sure to notify the church when you lose a member of your immediate family.

Community and Global Response

We keep our congregation compassionate by responding with care, love and prayer upon hearing of any human tragedies locally and globally.