Our Journey

Hitherto has the Lord helped us. 1 Sam 7:12

God is doing a new thing and He is using the auspices of Chosen Generation Ministries to impact the region of York, Ontario, Canada, beginning with the town of Newmarket.
Armed with a powerful divine mandate, Elder Carlton G. Christie and the saints are tackling the forces that be and are taking the town for Jesus Christ. The word is quickly spreading that there is a ministry with a difference in the town.

In August 2012, Chosen Generation Ministries began operating as a place of worship in the town of Newmarket and rented the halls at the community centre, located at 200 Doug Duncan Drive. This was where the launch of the ministry took place and also the place where the saints, visitors and friends gathered weekly for Sunday school and the Worship Experience.

The launch service (Saturday, August 4, 2012) was filled with the presence of God and the hearts of the people rejoiced as the clergy from across Ontario gathered around the Christie family, prayed for them, blessed them, and commissioned them into ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his opening remarks, Elder Christie gave a brief listing of the services Chosen Generation Ministries will provide and took the time to underscore the fact that the Word of God, not his family, is the standard for Chosen Generation Ministries.

Scenes from the Launch

The following is a list of first things that God has allowed us to do in our first year of ministry.  At the bottom of the page will also find links to proceeding years where Chosen Generation did something new for the first time.  Celebrate with us!  Photo albums of some of these events on our Facebook page and the photo gallery .

On August 26, 2012 we had our first ever Back to School Covering service, during which we presented the children with needed school supplies and offered special prayers for them.

In October 2012 the Lord granted us access to the facilities of the New Beginning Christian School located at 1205 Stellar Drive, where we meet on Wednesday evenings for general prayer and Bible study (GPS). Our GPS first meeting took place on the 31st.

During the month of November 2012 we conducted a two-week Food Drive, our first, and delivered the goods to the local Food Pantry on December 7, 2012.

On December 2nd, we baptized two precious souls in water in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and welcomed five other individuals by right hand of fellowship into Chosen Generation Ministries.

On December 16th we had our first ever Christmas program where we saw individual and group performances. The children's play, entitled "Born With A Purpose" really blessed us. Pastor preached, "Don't Go Back The Same Way You Came!". 

On December 20th the ladies from our church got together for our first Ladies' Night Out.

On December 23th we had our first ever Christmas Sunday service. Pastor preached, "It's Not The Same Without The Name!". Also on that Sunday, we dedicated the keys to a home for the first time and congratulated the new owners.

On December 30th, the last Sunday of 2012, Chosen Generation Ministries convened at the Newmarket Community Centre for the last time at that venue. The service was rich with the presence of God and we rejoiced in what God has done since the ministry began. The Word of the Lord came mightily to us, as God informed us through His Word that "Our Status is Changing". We look with anticipation to what lies ahead of us.

The saints, friends and well-wishers got together for the last time in 2012 for Chosen Generation Ministries' first ever New Year's Eve service. This event took place on December 31, 2012 at the New Beginning Christian School, the second worship location for the ministry. The night was filled with singing and worship and testimonies of God's faithfulness. The countdown into 2013 was immediately followed by prayer and fellowship.