God bless you, beloved, and welcome to the body of Christ here at Chosen Generation Ministries. One does not have to be an official member of Chosen Generation Ministries to attend church services and participate in the worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ. We welcome all true worshipers and seekers to follow us as we follow Christ. 

However, it is our hope that you will not be a visitor for too long, and that one day soon we will have the opportunity to officially welcome you as member of our church. Membership carries that sense of belonging and mantles fellow members with the responsibility to care for each other. 

It should be noted that regular attendance and/or donations to our ministry do not automatically constitute membership, however, members are expected to attend church regularly and give of their time and substance to the work of the Lord.

Being a member of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, both mystically and locally, is both encouraged and supported by the Scriptures. 
  • Legally, only official members of Chosen Generation Ministries Inc. are allowed to vote on matters pertaining to the church. 
  • The performance of certain duties and the appointment to ecclesiastical offices, are restricted to only those who have been officially recognized as members of Chosen Generation Ministries, Inc.  
  • With respect to Lord's Supper, participation in the bread and wine is extended to other saints of like precious faith.
Members are not solely affiliated with the local church, but also with the global body and are representatives of the kingdom of God everywhere. As such, all members of Chosen Generation Ministries are expected to be Christ-like in their deportment every time and everywhere.
  • We are witnesses.  
  • We are light bearers. 
  • We are  living epistles. 
  • We must always be ready for the imminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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