Feedback and Testimonies

" seems that many could benefit from hearing someone so passionate and vibrant teach."

"...I thank you very much for the way you take time to explain God's Word. Your effective teaching/preaching has helped to strengthen my focus on Christ.`May God richly bless your ministry." (Ann Fletcher)

"The website is gorgeous! Chosen Generation is on the move and it is evident! Keep moving forward CGM! Pastor Christie stay connected and be blessed always. I look forward to the greater things that God is getting ready to do! CGM Wait for the Glory!.."(Janice Mahoney)

"... I have been reading of the great work that you are doing at Chosen Generation.  I am very proud of you and also want to congratulate you on the move to the School.  I can see that God is doing great things and I am really impressed with the level of excellence that I can see coming from the Ministry.  May God continue to bless you, your family and the ministry..." (Suffragan Bishop B. E Smith)

" the work you are doing.  I see people being baptized; feeding the hungry ... I am proud of you ... continue to let God have His way in your life. You're making a difference. Souls are depending on you." (P Walters).

"The whole atmosphere was one of worship and fellowship, a breath of fresh air. If only it could be captured and shared... "(Elder Everton Haye)

"I enjoyed it [Prayer & Praise Breakfast] tremendously. See you again next year"  (Candace)

"We were blessed to be there.  It [Prayer & Praise Breakfast] was awesome!! The food was great, worth much more than we paid.You are doing an excellent job and I am really proud of you!!"    (Suffragan Bishop B. E Smith)

"I'm following via Facebook and the website of the events taking place and must say much is being accomplished."  (Min. Wayne Levers)

"...I love the teaching eager to learn more about God... I'm inviting souls to be blessed with your knowledge of the Word..." (Paulette Henry)

"...I like how you preach and teach to ten people as if you are preaching to ten thousands. I really love that your best is not determined by the size of what you see but by the passion for the profound calling on your life. " (Phiona M)

"Your Ministry is doing a great job in the community,  You have laid a positive frame work, you are surrounded by dedicated people and the man of God has great wisdom. I know sometimes the process may seem  daunting but I encourage you to  stay in faith because your Ministry is going to be bigger than you can ever imagine" (Ann Fletcher)

"I pray that God will send more men and one that can be like a right hand to you that will take on some of the things you do to lighten your load. Doing fulltime ministry, fulltime job, fulltime family is a lot especially when you want to do every part to best of your ability.  May God continue to give you the strength to persevere to highest heights in him and let all things come forth in due time." (Charmaine)

"I just checked out your husband's ministry - wow, there is so much passion in him for serving God.  I need to take a moment to read more on his website.  I hope his ministry is off to a great start,  it seems that many could benefit from hearing someone so passionate and vibrant teach".  (anonymous via LNC)

" Sunday morning (November 10, 2013) while setting up the equipment for service, my cell phone rang. On the other line was a woman who thought I was someone else. Well, after concluding that she dialed the wrong number I ended the call.

A few seconds later she called again. I immediately advised her that it was I that spoke to her earlier and inqu...ired what number she had dialed. It turned out the number she wanted to dial had only one digit that was different than mine. After clearing that up, we again ended the call. However, a few seconds later my phone rang again. It was the same lady.

She apologized and explained that no matter what number she dialed the call kept on coming to me. I immediately advised her that I was a pastor, and that she had contacted Chosen Generation Ministries.

I told her that maybe God had something to do with her contacting me. The lady remarked, "Oh my God, God keeps on doing this to me". She said she was trying to reach her son (Todd) and his wife who had been driving on an icy road, but the call was cut off. She hadn't been able to reach them.

Well, I told her that we would pray about their safety and we did ... God did it again!   Several hours later the lady called back and advised that she lives in a place called Kirkland Lake, Ontario. I've never heard of it. But here's the good news: Her son and his wife (Lucille) reached home safely. She is still amazed. It is no secret what God can do".(Pastor Christie).

"Today (October 5, 2014), a couple visited Chosen Generation Ministries. They live in New York and were on vacation in Niagara Falls. They heard about Chosen Generation, looked us up online, plugged our location into their GPS and drove 2 hours from Niagara to Newmarket just to be in service this morning. What a God!

"I wanted to let you and pastor Christie know how much much i appreciate you guys taking the time to wish me your blessings. I do admire the work that you guys are doing on that side ... God bless ... (Gart)

"Just want to say thanks on behalf of my family and friends for inviting us to the prayer breakfast today. I was truly bless and  everyone that came with me  told me that they were so filled with the worship and prayers O my my.  It was really great , great food, great atmosphere , and the drive up there is awesome,  we did enjoyed it.  My husband told me tears ran down his cheek when First lady Christie  sang one of his favorite song. We wish you all God blessings as you continue doing the good work in Newmarket" (Victoria)