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Volunteer Opportunities

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; 
Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.
Matthew 9:37-38

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the following ministries, please download a Volunteer Info Sheet from the Resources page and return the completed form to our Volunteer Coordinator or Leader of the respective ministry group.  God bless you.

Administrative and Office Assistance: 
  • responsibilities included creating and maintaining various databases for the purpose of keeping appropriate records; assisting with regular bookkeeping; designing flyers & event planning; ensuring that ample amounts of stationery and other office supplies are maintained; preparing written communications, interacting with external parties, etc.
  • qualifications include possessing good communication and computer skills, adept at MS Office suite, having an eye for detail, etc.
  • responsibilities include the collection, arrangement and reading of all announcements and invitations which affect the congregation; keeping the Notice Board up-to-date; coordinating in-church announcements with information displayed on the website and other social media; acknowledging birthdays on the first Sundays, etc 
  • qualified individuals are well organized, have a clear & distinct voice, good communication skills, and regular in church attendance.
 Audio Visual Team (Habakkuk 2:2)
  • responsible for the setting up the sound system and equipment; updating the schedule on the overhead projector for onscreen presentations during the services; recording, editing and producing our services on CDs and DVDs and other formats for the purpose of sale, and further media (radio and television) ministries. 
  • individuals must be familiar with and able to operate a camcorder, projector, mixer board and other equipment
Bodily Exercise (B.E.) (1 Timothy 4:8)
  • this is the physical fitness arm of the ministry, promoting health and wellness.
  • qualified individuals must have a fitness program and be knowledgeable in health and wellness best practices
Bus Ministry
  • responsibilities includes communication between bus drivers and parishioners to arrange for the timely pick-ups and drop-offs
  • qualified individuals must possess a valid drivers' license, insurance and cleared of any previous traffic violations
Chosen Prayer Response (C.P.R.) Team (Acts 12:5)
  • the CPR team and Coordinator work with the pastor and covers the various auxiliaries and campaigns in prayer
  • responsibilities also include breaking ground and creating a prayerful atmosphere wherever/whenever services are held
  • qualified individuals must love to pray, fast and have personal relationship with Christ
Chosen Seed [children's church] (St. Mark 10:14)
  • responsibilities include designing a weekly program to effective engage the children
  • teach, engage and supervise the children during worship service
  • qualified individuals will be asked to serve on a rotational basis and must be patient, good with children, reliable and punctual
  • a personal background check may be required
Chosen Youth Ministry (Ecclesiastes 12:1)
  • responsibilities include designing a bi-monthly program to effective engage the young people
  • teach, engage, and challenge the young people in their development
  • qualified individuals will be asked to serve on a rotational basis and must be patience, a visionary, energetic, reliable and punctual
Community Involvement Opportunities Presenters (C.O.P.)
  • responsibilities include being the eyes & ears for the church in the community, notifying the pastor of opportunities where the church may assist and be a blessing, liaising with shelters, hospitals/hospices, funeral homes, law enforcement, and other charities for partnership, etc
  • qualified individuals must be in good standing with the church, willing/available to represent the church, have a heart for souls, professional
Good Samaritan Team (G.S.T)
  • responsibilities include spreading the love of Christ through practical acts, such as cleaning elderly people's driveway after snow storms, doing menial tasks for the physically challenged, volunteering at Seniors Homes, or anything that is of a physical and practical nature.  
  • on occasion, the team can select a street in the community on which special acts of kindness will be done. Residents will be notified in advance.  
  • qualified individuals must be physically fit and possess the necessary health insurance in case of injury
Greeters and Ushers
  • responsibilities include: welcoming guests from the parking lot to the doors of the church; seating and serving our guests; providing information on the availability and direction towards the location of facilities; crowd and noise control; receiving offerings, etc
  • qualified individuals must be friendly yet firm, punctual, able to stand for extend periods of time, a quick thinker, willing/able to participate in training, a Fire Drill once per year, honest and trustworthy
  • mandatory training will be provided
Hospitality Team (Hebrews 13:2) 
  • responsibilities include the shopping, stocking and preparation of snacks and meals for special events and preparing accommodation and/or refreshments for our invited guests
  • qualified individuals must be handy, punctual and courteous and able to cook
House to House 
  • responsibilities include being available to 
    visit the sick & shut-in
    , etc., in their homes or
    hospital, at their invitation for spiritual direction, bible studies, encouragement or prayer,
  • qualified individuals must be grounded in their faith, spiritual well-trained, professional, with a good knowledge of the Word of God.
Outreach and Evangelism 
  • the main mission of this team is to spread the word of God, invite people to church, witnessing, canvassing, door-to-door ministry, street meetings, prison ministry, etc.
  • responsibilities include the preparation of Care Packages, ministering to the homeless, general labour around the church,
  • qualified individuals must be saved, love evangelism, possess a pleasant countenance and a burden for souls
Performing Arts (Dance, Sign and Drama) (Psalm 149:3)
  • those involved will be trained to perform Creative Dance routines, Sign Language, Short Skits, and other artistic presentations, from time to time and at special events.
  • qualified individuals must possess a natural inclination for public performance, a sense of rhythm and a lively personality
Praise and Worship Team and Band (Psalm 47:1)   
  • responsibilities include leading the congregation in worship, special singing both in church and at other venues
  • interested individuals must pass a vocal audition and must be available for rehearsals and ministry
  • all members must be baptized in Jesus' name
Security and Set up Crew (Nehemiah 4:17 & 18)
  • responsibilities include setting up a venue in preparation for a service or special event, setting up tables, chairs, decor, etc and cleaning up, packing up after the event  
  • On a rotational basis, members of the team will patrol the premises: Indoors – (washrooms, hallways, etc) and Outdoors -- (parking lots, dark spots, etc), and scan the congregation, to identify and, if needs be, report and monitor any suspicious behavor or individuals
  • qualified individuals must be physically fit and possess the necessary health insurance in case of injury
Social Media Awareness & Response Team (S.M.A.R.T.)
  • responsible for maintaining the online presence of our ministry via Social Media, by providing Tweets, video clips of the services and still images of special occasions, interesting individuals, in order to engage the participation and interaction of the public and their respective online following, to RESPOND to postings, FORWARD, "RETWEET', "LIKE" or any other current or future action required.
  • Those involved must possess Smart Phone with online capabilities
Super CLASS (Comprehensive Learning And Sunday School) (Joshua 1:8)
  • responsibilities included preparing materials for each Super class, research and present on seminar topics, teach the Bible, maintain records of attendance, follow up and interact with parents, etc
  • qualified individuals must be baptized in Jesus' name, be punctual, have a working knowledge of the Bible, willing to learn, etc
Visitors Follow up
  • responsibilities include preparing welcome packages for all first-time visitors, maintaining a database with visitors info, establishing a 60-day follow-up program, successfully assign newcomers/visitors to one of our Life Groups or Super Class
  • work with the Greeters to establish an after service visitor reception and distribution of welcome package, send a Thank You via text or email and subscribe visitors to the Good Newsletter.