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Super CLASS (comprehensive learning and Sunday school) is an important extension of the Christian Education mission of our church.  This is an informal time of teaching and interaction for adults, teens and children. Super Class is committed to expound upon the holy Scriptures but the time may also be used to share information that is of benefit to our church and community.
  • Comprehensive Learning
At select times during the year this first hour of the service  may also be used for carefully selected seminars geared towards to the personal development of the attendees.   We partner with other professionals in our congregation and those from local organizations (such as schools, hospital, law enforcement, etc) to present on relevant topics which include: 
    • Parenting Skills
    • Managing Finances
    • Issues of Health
    • Relationship Building
    • School Life Survival
    • Career Development, among others. 
Please check the Upcoming Events page for the next scheduled seminar.
  • Sunday School
This is a time reserved for systematic teachings from the Bible.  Attendees are encouraged and allowed to ask questions and learn truths that will surely help them in their walk with the Lord. Currently, there are five (5) Sunday school classes; each blessed with a loving, knowledgeable teacher who shares the Word of God with passion and conviction. 

 Each class and its age range are mentioned below.

Primary Class                                                                                                                                          Junior Class
Age range: 3 - 7 years old                                                                                               Age range: 8 -12 years old


Our Junior and Primary classes look forward each year to our annual Christmas program and/or concertDuring this fun filled event, the children perform with tremendous excitement; playing instruments, acting out stories, sharing the Word, creative dance, etc.